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  5. That's brilliant about the walks books. Let me know when they come out and I'll definitely get them!Celia — very good point about the stressing! I will revise the formula to include it next time I share this!

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  8. Oye! Say it’s not so. Or go with the flow. We’re really hoping the Washington passes are clear to cross this coming up weekend so we can visit our son in Chewelah without a lot of stress or the need for chains! Your photos are fabulous btw!

  9. I’ve worked with the T2 folks quite a bit, and I’m thrilled to see them pull off something this big. I know it’s going to be great. I’m pretty stoked about the music, though. I saw a Grapes of Wrath production put on by the UofA several years ago, and it incorporated string music. II really enjoyed that, so I look forward to seeing the same here. I wonder if 3-Penny Acre are going to actually be on stage performing as part of the show? That’s how the production of Grapes was.

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  11. fellaini on the ground or petric? petric is playing his second game at home, and last time he dominated. thinking of giving him another chance this week. at the same time, fellaini is playing newcastle whose backline is shit atm from injuries…also, out of risse, demel and clichy, which one should I bench?


  13. A mi si lleva bacalao me parece que va a estar superestupendo!!! así que con esta ensalada se me cae la babitaaaa!!!. Besicos y gracias por publicar recetas para este día tan especial e importante para quienes sufren esta enfermedad y su entorno familiar!!!. Buen finde!!

  14. (Pt.5) I buy him monthly pain meds that cost a lot and being on disability it takes about $100 of my $900 a month. I will do everything in my power to make him comfortable. I love him soooooo much. So, the moral to the story is, anyone can ‘Claim’ to be some fantastic breeder in some fancy book but anyone can be a backyard breeder.

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  16. Hanna — Thanks so much for this post – I am expecting twins this summer and have a 4 year old. And while I’m sure the next few years will be hectic this reminds me to embrace it all and enjoy them while they are still little.

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  19. Diving is the best way to go! Welcome to the blogging world. I started about three years ago when 140 characters just didn’t seem enough to be a part of the conversation. There is something to be said about the connection between Twitter and blogging. I am continually amazed by all I learn.

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  21. Oh yes, Dutch and Indonesian … I forgot that part of history :) And oh, those croquettes are the best I have ever seen. I agree with Trissa — great way to use leftovers!

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  24. Welcome back! This entry only strengthens my resolve that we’re going to hold off on Disney – land and world – for a few more years. I think Lovegirl would have a lot of the same issues that Dev did. Congrats on the literary accomplishment and the documentary. Enjoy the new job.

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  27. When I saw that food pic on facebook, I was wondering if you had gotten the “guts” to try seafood again! Good for you, you tricked your brain! It looks really yummy. I would absolutely love to visit that museum. Maybe someday we can go back… Love and hugs

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  29. and done, I hope you’ve found your “forever” home, and that as much as things are challenging, they are equally gratifying, and that your patience and dedication will be paid off in spades. It certainly looks that way, already.

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  33. Ico,Alguma chance do Bruno Senna ir para outra equipe ano que vem? Como ja tinha perguntado no blog anteriormente, a corrida dos projetistas está mais acelerada este ano? Este fator está pesando muito, o que é até legal, pq F1 não é só o talento do piloto. Massa irreconhecível este ano.

  34. and darius,If the only place you keep a dog is in a fenced backyard I would definitely say that is cruel. Dogs like most animals suffer boredom and some breeds need plenty of exercise that most backyards cannot provide. Also in reference to the original post by Patrick, I cannot find any articles on dogs killing police officers. So again I find it suspect that dogs are shot so often by police who «fear for their lives.»

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  41. I go in phases. Ones that pique my interest while browsing I’ll add to my follow list via the reader. Some I subscribe to via email. But I’ll also go a week or two without following any. Burnout is quick and painful when you first begin, so it’s good to sometimes just take a few steps back.

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  43. I have always purled the last stitch on each row and slipped the 1st stitch except on the 1st row. It leaves a real nice edge.Thank you for all the variations of the pattern. I have been making these for years and was asked to make some for our Harvest Market this year.

  44. Good for you for getting right back up there (or at least trying)!! I love that you chose a women’s gym. I can’t even go near the gym for fear of making a complete fool of myself on ANY given piece of machinery. I’m uncoordinated and utterly unaware of any “technique” I’m supposed to have mastered in order to benefit from slaving away on one of those hunks of steel. Ugh. No, thank you. Thanks for sharing!Evanthia of Merelymothers

  45. Jan your new blog is great!……Your presentation of my animals was fantastic.The show is easy to pass to my family, and i’m glad there are no closeups of me!… thanks for all you have done…… gary

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  47. Wow wunderschön Tasche!!! Ich glaub sie ist groß genug für meine Unisachen. Wenn ich da die Kommilitonen nicht neidisch mache :) Außerdem gefallen mir die Quiltdecken, besonders die Room Seven Quilt Patchwork red-pink-white.

  48. You hit the nail on the head with this one for sure. I along with others were incredibly hurt and mis-guided as a result of this false teaching. It took me years to see the truth. Thank you for talking so openly about this…it will hopefully cause some people to start asking the right questions. Love you Lynde!!

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  58. after all the stuff and projects Mike has experienced after 1998 and still being able to say about FNM “we still felt proud of the music” – now, that is something that makes me really happy and hopefull in regards to FNM and their potential new stuff (some day, not necessarily before 2012 if they still want to be proud of their music, but anyway, there is a chance!)

  59. Heather, I so enjoyed meeting you and the others and hearing all of your stories. It was such a source of comfort to me to know that some of the challenges we experience as step-moms are commonplace and it was so refreshing to hear the challenges characterized as “opportunities.” I think it’s time for an authentic look at step-moms, both the challenges and the opportunities. I look forward to sharing with you again soon.

  60. Ho letto il bando e sinceramente mi attendevo questo tipo di criteri per l'ammissione. Sarà molto dura entrare per coloro che hanno alle spalle una onesta carriera tra i dilettanti ( io per primo )……Personalmente sono sempre del parere che le qualifiche ufficiali siano importanti ma non necessarie, ciò che conta realmente è essere ” realmente preparati ” a trasmettere qualità sul campo ai propri ragazzi……alimentare costantemente nel tempo la propria cultura di allenatore.

  61. Hey MaryYou know what, that’s why I don’t believe in ‘Cusps’ – your Sun is officially in only one sign. The thing is, if you recognise traits within yourself that are typical of the sign either preceding or following your Sun sign, it’s because you probably have Mercury or Venus in that sign (these planets are always very close to the Sun). Or else, you may have the preceding or following sign as your Natal Moon or Rising Sign.I hope this helps!Glad you enjoy reading my column.Kris xxMistress of New Age

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  65. Une bonne année à toi aussi. Santé, bonheur et prospérité. Tu semble sur une belle lancée, alors je te souhaite une carrière longue et fructueuse. Et dis toi, qu’être témoin de la vie des gens qui croisent notre route, fait de notre métier, le plus beau métier du monde.

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  69. So hang on! You can’t tell me how to spend my money (see: Skid Row thread) but you CAN tell me to get writing, eh?;)It is a good idea for a post though. Tesla, Gilby Clarke, fuck I’m going to have to pare it down to 10 when I’m done making my list.

  70. Fairies are the original shape-shifters. They never show up when you expect them, in the form you thought they would be in, or where you thought they would be. It is entirely possible that Striscia is sometimes inhabited by a fairy. (They sometimes borrow people and animal friends for a while.) We are surrounded all the time by good-willed spirits. Even in Rocks.

  71. When we first got this blanket, we liked the size and the soft feel. It is actually big enough to drape over the sides of the mattress and tuck under the bottom. Then we started to notice tan fuzz in our hair in the morning; and the fuzzballs around the bed. This thing sheds worse than my dog, and he is the worst I’ve seen. If you think vacuuming should be a necessary part of bed making, then this is the blanket for you.

  72. Oh shoot, was totally excited to read about the GF crust until I saw it had rice flour and tapioca flour as the GF eater in my family cannot have either one due to food sensitivities (makes GF cooking challenging!) The filling sounds wonderful, though, so I will try that with an almond-flour and/or coconut flour GF crust.

  73. Tietenkin käräjäoikeuden piti katsastaa kyseinen ovi ja sen lasin rikkoutuminen oikeudessa, tätä vastaan en suinkaan protestoinut! Kantsisi lukea hieman tarkemmin!Kyse oli siitä, että pitikö kuvaajat ja lehtimiehet päästää kesken istunnon, kuten näytti, kuvaamaan ja pällistelemään kyseistä ovea. Eihän kuvaaminen kesken oikeuden istunnon ole mitenkään tavallista, vaan se rajoitetaan käytännössä aina pariksi minuutiksi oikeudenkäynnin alkuun, jolloin nämä "huppupää"-syytetyt istuvat pulpeteissaan!Miksi tässä Ulvila tapauksessa oikeus palvelee lehdistöä niin maan perusteellisesti?

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  80. Coucou,Je suis aussi une fan de cakes mais plutôt salés que sucrés, cependant, je ne boude pas pour autant les cakes qui comme le tien sont fabuleusement gourmands… une association très savoureuse ces poires/Nutella, belle recette ! bravo !Excellente journée de lundi,Méline

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