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  1. I use the room for more than just my creating it has a little bed in it too ( it was in the Wordless Wednesday post this week .) Our oldest grahaddugnter stays in my art room when she sleeps over. She likes pink

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  8. I take it a little further and go with the open and affirming stance. I want my gay friends to be happy and to be able to be their gay selves openly.As for the slippery slope discussion in the comments, I don’t see how you get from approval of adult consenting same sex to sex with children. They’re not on the same slope. They’re not even on the same mountain.

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  13. It literally makes me sick that this genius innovative man has to answer to some undergrad moron at the EPA. It also makes me equally sick that the only politician advocating for the elimination of the EPA hasn’t won a state in the Republican primary… So many fake conservatives SMH

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  19. Yes, I have Cinco de Drinko plans. I made a major discovery last week. My favourite restaurant, which was closed due to.. being a pile of earthquake rubble (that’ll do it) has RE-OPENED, within walking distance of my casa. Tonight they have the whole thing going on – band, dancing, mexi menu. Can’t wait. On 5th May, tequila IS a food. Actually, an entire food group.

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  26. Thanks, Bob, but was this a conversation around the lawyer’s table, or did someone pick up a phone and alert Berg, did Keyes enlighten someone due to the Illinois debate??I just wonder where and how far back this is dated.At what point in time did someone begin to watch the fraud and I guess my question is who was the original petitioner or discoverer of the failure to qualify..I know Berg’s discovery was early on as he supported Hillary.

  27. Liebe Marie-Therese,ja, für mich ist es wirklich ein Wunder, dass wir uns nicht öfter verlaufen sind, dass wir nie gross umkehren mussten, dass wir im Wesentlichen unserer Planung folgen konnten – es ist kaum zu glauben! Und alles das, ohne dass ich seit der Schweiz auch nur einen Kilometer im Vorhinein rekognoziert habe!Herzlichen Gruss nach FribourgFranz

  28. I’ve written a rant about the word “masterpiece” a while ago. I would even go further than you in not using it: I don’t use it at all. It’s something about the word that rubs me the wrong way. I think it’s about that you by putting on that label assumes that everyone else shares your opinion, that this or that movie is per definition a “masterpiece” while it always boils down to personal opinions: did or didn’t you enjoy it? Besides it sounds pompous. Who am I to appoint masterpieces? I would feel embarrassed taking the word in my mouth.

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