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  8. Stunning Card… I love this.. Amazing Colors.. and Theme.. and I love your coloring.. The White die behind the image is Gorgeous… And Youp.. I used the tip for the die.. to use thin paper inbetween.. that worked.. :o). And this Flower arrangement is Gorgoeus.. FAB Card.. And suddenly I understood the challenge (last posting..) Well I am a bit slow sometimes… :o)

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  13. Best Ã¥ ta vare pÃ¥ armene, ja. Jeg tenker at hvis mine armer "svikter", kan jeg likevel lese, lytte til musikk, høre radio, gÃ¥ i marka, skravle …. Er fornøyd med at jeg kan se muligheter :)Kjenner meg igjen pÃ¥ Bahia Feliz i ditt forrige innlegg. Der var vi en gang pÃ¥ 90-tallet. Er usikker pÃ¥ hvilket hotell vi bodde pÃ¥, men Tres Vidas lyder kjent. Husker godt standa; den var ikke sÃ¥ stor.Ha en fin kveld!

  14. Hey Vitaly! Oh yeah saying “I’ll do it tomorrow” is another bad excuse. Deadlines are a must. Give yourself a month to do a project and you’ll wait till the last few days. Give yourself a few days and you’ll work so hard on getting it done. You’re right in saying that good habits are so important. If we have good habits, then we’re less likely to make excuses to get things done. Thank you Vitaly for sharing your experience.

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  40. Does anyone knw how this bikes compares to the YZ450F? Im asking because im hardly riding any mx but im riding trails instead. (Keep hurting myself on the track…) Is there a big difference?

  41. Thanks, annegb–you are right, this is a problem whose solution cannot be outsourced. Better news in the papers, today, though. A band-aid, maybe, but let’s hope they are moving in the right direction.

  42. Dr. Deb~Thanks for the interesting link, and thanks for removing the diatribe by «anonymous», who clearly needs help. I wasn’t aware of Molecular Psychiatry, but I’m not surprised. Thank goodness I have an institutional account with the Texas Medical Center Library and can access it for free. As usual, an insightful posting!~RWS

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  45. ordinarysparrow Thanks Dorian for this… went to Facebook and sent a message to each of the Henry Nowak, there were seven listed…also sent message to some of the listed Boyd names…Added a short note and a link to this post… hopefully that will help send the link in a direction that might find a lead…it would be so neat to find the family, know they would treasure the diary.Thanks for your intent…

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  49. VuyoBlacks don’t have it any easier or harder than anyone else. Almost all of us work with debt in our lives. Some handle it better than others.Race has nothing to do with that. So your characterization of particular “black” suffering is nothing of the sort. Everyone faces those challenges. The only ones who don’t are tiny few who inherit vast fortunes, maybe 0.000001% of the population.The Professor’s article was fine except for his obligatory anti-white sentiment which made no sense.

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  67. luv the 6th one down on the right & the other one further down w/ him against her chest w/ his face turned to the camera & her chin against his head

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  69. Love it! I used to be able to feed Nicholas (my special needs guy who is now 7!) anything organic, but now he will not eat any vegetables and the only fruit he will eat is strawberries. This might be a good alternative but for even pickier eaters you could always puree some veggies (Jessica Seinfield style) and sneak them in..Love the blog!

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  73. Sheik yer'mami: Like Australia, Germany is overrun and the governing elites are trying to put the fire out with gasoline and denial. It won't work.I don't think Australia is being overrun. Perhaps you mean Austria.

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  75. I like Tori. Congrats to them! She seems anti-boy though. She is always making comments about the sexes of her children. When pregnant with Stella, she was gonna have a heart attack if she didn’t hear “girl”. Gimme a break, you should just pray for healthy. I also wonder: what happened to the red head she was very good friends with? Did they stop talking?

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  77. It’s always been at the core, a right-to-work state, run in the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and 70’s by an elite group of right wing ranchers, mine owners and bankers. It will take a few decades of those geezers dying off and newcomers from other more progressive states to undo the damage done by the old timers.

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  85. [6] grim – bad time to be rich – Never really. Going from ancient memory though, I think in Iacocca’s book he talked about GM’s executive dining room in the 70′s where management ate free they decided to raise the cost to $1 per exec for lunch. Apparently there was a huge backlash because the execs claimed this really cost them $2 in gross earnings which they deemed outrageous. Hell, my Dad was just an engineer in his mid 30′s and even he owned an oil exploration company as a tax shelter back then.

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  279. Hmm… Interesting. This is not how I expected this to go. I was thinking it was all going to go down in the ring. Still, what will Yvonne do?   The only thing I hate about this comic is that it updates so soon, meaning if I’m still conscious and think about it when the new page does go up, I have to wait that much longer for the next page to go up on the next day the comic updates!

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