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  1. Simba / I agree. There are certain must-haves that you can’t afford to trash even though you rarely use them. Try thdir:Trip-aevssorAngey BirdsMixologyThanks.

  2. such as when the Cold Spring market opened for the season in its new location at Boscobel (see my blog post for May 19); at other times, I happen upon one by chance while driving and exploring Hudson Valley roads. This

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  4. I’d love to spend Christmas in a snowy mountain cabin because I’ve never experienced a white Christmas. The weather is always hot where I am in December, so we can’t comfortably cook a hot meal or enjoy sitting around a fireplace, let alone sing ‘Winter Wonderland’ or ‘Let it Snow’ without a trace of irony.

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  6. 70 Years, 70 PhotographsMay 12-September 9, 2012Photography has figured prominently in the Museum’s exhibitions since the early 1910s; the official acquisition of photographs for the permanent collection began in 1942 with the addition of 86 photographs by Minor White. 70 Years/70 Photographs highlights seventy exceptional images that the Museum has acquired during the past seven decades, demonstrating the breadth of a robust photography collection that now numbers more than 7,000 works.

  7. This can’t be worthy of even a blog post after so many years. As reactionaries/conservatives you should be perfectly class conscious. Revolution is class warfare. Can we have some more class analysis on caracaschronicles? What class does the opposition represent? And why do they always ignore this central question?

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  10. Why do some people care how J&B spend money? It’s their money, their business, they earned it and they can choose how to spend it. They help tons of charities and those less fortunate but the media chooses not to share those stories. Spend less time worrying about how others choose to spend their earnings!

  11. Muy bueno el informe, Gracias a este tipo de trabajos como los de la Fundación Sol, podemos ver mas allá de las falsas palabras del ministro Laraín de Longueira y Larroulet que insisten en que Aysén es practicamente una región de privilegio.

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  13. P.M.: you’re right, I realized after posting that, that I was thinking in modernist terms where «saving» is largely distinct from holding money, because who holds any more of an inflating currency than he has to? Instead of «saving» I meant «investing», basically.

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  15. I highly doubt any charges will be laid.These are from the past few days, though the incidents were 1-2 years ago:-Motorist who killed three cyclists in Quebec wasn’t charged-Motorist who killed Ottawa cyclist won’t be charged-Motorist who killed two cyclists (on charity ride) in Manitoba will be charged with a $5,000 fine and 3-year driving suspension.Six lives ended because of carelessness of motorists and the worst “punishment” was a $5,000 fine and a 3-year driving ban? We all know that people who have their licenses taken away still drive.

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  18. I am happy to blow your mind Tiago. The part about the couch: A lot of people think that the only way to stay motivated is to beat the crap out of themselves in their minds. If they didn’t have a violent inner critic, the logic goes, the might never do a thing but lay around on the couch and watch reality TV

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  22. Yet you didnt become President like they did to make this world better than what you’re complaining about…yet u have the time and the “sense” to criticize their effort. Yea, okay

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  24. This is so cute!! Wow, I haven’t been blogging in a few weeks and it’s bad — I am *51* posts behind on your blog!!!! As much as I’d love to leave you 51 comments, it’s not going to happen — so here’s a blanket «I LOVE ALL OF YOUR STUFF» comment instead. 😉

  25. that Snarkk saw it on him all game and that you saw it on him in the second half. Now you are saying he only wore the helmet when the offense was on the field? Super cool that you know that. Hey, you’re home all day long so you probably read the article where it said this. Got the link for me? Thanks in advance.

  26. Kristen — What a beautiful family. With all they are going through, this opportunity would make their day and bring a much needed smile to their face. What a great way to honor the life of Mia Faith. All children no matter how long they live leave footprints on this earth!

  27. Shh.I fancy these folks are not well versed in food preparation. had they ever sliced a tomato, they would have observed that slicing it in segments, stem end first creates crescent shapes. Not so good for putting in sarnies, but revealing the inherent interfaith possibilities of the humble tom.

  28. «IÅ›ka» daje radÄ™ :) Można o niej Å›miaÅ‚o powiedzieć przed finaÅ‚owym starciem — «ostatnia nadzieja biaÅ‚ych» :)I jakby siÄ™ ten finaÅ‚ nie skoÅ„czyÅ‚ , jest po prostu zaje…ta :)Powodzenia Isia :)

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  30. All-time favorite: Hands down, it's gotta be Jericho. I will forever consider it a tragedy that it lasted only two seasons (and barely that).Other faves: Heroes, In Plain Sight, The Closer, House. I also love NCIS, but I find it so humorous that I can't classify it as a true drama.

  31. is wisdom is true, or trust what we see and call God a Liar. “Commit thy way unto the Lord and he shall direct thy paths, trust also in Him and He shall bring it to pass.” what’s the difference? are you saying that we can commit our way unto the Lord and He won’t direct our paths? God gave us Wisdom to learn from and to follow, not to criticize with what we’ve observed in life.

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  34. I hope you do share those stories – I’m sure they will be amazing, poignant, powerful and bittersweet, Lynne! Please do…As to tea – there’s always an assortment available – I prefer my Irish breakfast with a dab o’cream and a pinch of sugar! Thanks for visiting.

  35. Tack själv Erik,Jag tycker det skrivs för lite low fantasy. Och även de böcker som kanske startar i lowfantasymiljö tenderar att sluta i highfantasy i alla fall (typexempel A game of thrones). Jag har inget emot drakar och dylikt, men man behöver dem inte för att skapa hjältesagor.MvhHenrik

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  39. Suzi!You in the room too makes it a quadruple threat, shug! LOL You are right about Babs – she is warm and bubbly. I like the cut of her jib!Watch for Barbara on my show in November! Hell yeah!Blessings!Theresa

  40. Jeg har først lige "fundet" dig igen efter at Vicki havde nævnt dig på sin blog. Jeg kan godt følge dig med drengetingene. Jeg har også selv så svært ved at finde på drenge ting/tøj til vennernes børn. Jeg mangler ligesom min egen "muse" i hjemmet *s*. Dejligt at du er tilbage. Har lige kigget alle dine dejlige billeder igennem. Du er til skøn inspiration.Kh. Charlotte

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  53. I was really hoping for a fish-out-of-water story about some City Slickers spending time on a ranch. Imagine the wacky hijinks they’ll get into. At least there’s no way they’ll be exposed to some homespun wisdom from the locals, and realize there’s more to life than the ratrace.Also, Sarah Jessica Parker riding a horse is like a monkey riding an ape.

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  57. I SO enjoyed this and especially the photos. I must say I don't like pumpkin pie. I'm a sweet potato pie girl (smile).I wish I could visit Beth's corn maze! Looks fantastic.Love ya and thanks for sharing with us today.

  58. Hey, what's the name of the store that's written on those gift bags, or Megumi (if you're reading) where did you shop? I'm going to Japan at the end of March and I must get those Deco Rush tapes!!!Thanks,Teresa

  59. Rick – comment no 10. I fear the same as you do about our country. Bush is a prostitute and the body that he is selling is our country.I’m listening to him “read” still on C-SPAN about his trip next week. Most of the words he uses are fairly simple. His speech writers should remember to not use “feel free” next to each other in a sentence. He got a little tongue-tied on that one.I don’t think that he will be eating any beef in India as he does in TX.

  60. many times, whether it’s 50 miles or 5000, you’re away from home and your loved ones which is always tough. Good luck in the demon world Delobius, hope the soft serve is still flowing and the onion rings are delicious!

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  63. it’s scary to see that the kony 2012 campaign might have spawned similar dubious efforts, using the power of viral media.. it’s great that people are being more responsible by asking more questions, seeking greater transparency and spreading information. i was pretty taken aback when i first saw the video, so thanks for spreading awareness on these untruths 😀

  64. I completely agree- Phili was awesome for ASM. As much as I love Boston, I despise that new convention center which is just gargantuan and in the middle of no where.I stayed in the Hilton and it was directly across the street from the convention center as well- so lots of hotels within walking distance to the hotel and little taking the bus.Let’s see how it goes for San Diego next year. Although I’m not familiar with the convention center there- I do love the city!

  65. Oh please go to hell with all these, YT — or rather, whoever's behind it. The internet is a global medium, I refuse to be controlled by such measures until I'm discriminated against with "not available in your area" and all that tosh, just because I do not live in the holier-than-thou mighty USSA. >_<

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  76. This article perfectly describes Reaganomics. I wish the idiot far right here in the U.S. knew that. They see the low taxes, but forget that taxes were cut to compensate from the income-lowering effect of a disinflationary monetary policy.People weren't being given "more of their money", they were simply paying a lower inflation tax. IIRC this basic idea first appeared when Germany used it in the late 1940s.

  77. Em Santa Rita do Passa Quatro (terra natal desse merda), conta-se cada histórinha, uma mais picante que a outra. Dizem as más línguas, que depois do matinho queimado, o furioso sujava os ….. dos moços, lá atrás do sanatório. E hoje transformou-se nesse homenzarrão violento……não é mesmo barbuim, mauro, kojak e tantos outros?

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  83. Dana, I love this post. We had friends who lost a baby and one year I wondered aloud whether I should send flowers on the baby’s birthday like I had for the last five years. I thought maybe I was reminding them of their tragedy. My husband asked, ‘Do you really think they forgot?’ True! Praying for you all, always, especially Bear.

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